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Zankyo UK is the international division of Zankyo Records and has been set up to help promote selected Japanese artists in the UK and other international markets. In the future we hope to offer more information and sales channels for Zankyo artists and hope to work directly with UK and International artists.

  • Zankyo UK Limited is registered in England and Wales, Number 08191592
  • Registered Office / Company Secretary: 66, Chiltern Street, London, W1U 4JT
  • Shareholder: Akihiro Kono
  • Director: Pete Chapman
  • Contact Address: 18, St Michaels Close, Penkridge, ST19 5AD

Zankyo Records was established in Tokyo in 2004 to promote & develop selected Japanese artists, both in the domestic market and overseas. Artist include te’, the cabs, People In The Box, haisuinonasa and muddy on the sakuban. Zankyo also work with some great International artists including 65daysofstatic, Kong, Tubelord, 22, This Town Needs Guns, Shapes, Maps & Atlases to name just a few.