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Since their last ‘usual’ record, 2010’s ‘We Were Exploding Anyway’, 65daysofstatic have been busy with touring, soundtracking, remixing and collaborating with artists, scientists, computer game makers and dancers. 2012, however, sees them heading back to doing what they do best . . .
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Polinski is a new project for Paul Wolinski, programmer of 65daysofstatic. It’s a return to his beat-driven sampling and synth days, trying to meld loud, scruffy, analogue fuzziness with sparkly melodies. Like the walls of sound made by Oneohtrix Point Never and . . .
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People In The Box

A 3-piece band whose original line-up consisted of Hirofumi Hatano(Vo,Gt), Atsushi Nakayama(Ba), Daigo Yamada(Dr). Later the bassist Atsushi left the band and was replaced by Kenta Fukui in July 2008. The lyrics which has the pureness and reality are sung . . .
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te’ is a 4-piece instrumental band that has been aggressively expanding great performances since its formation in Tokyo in 2004. The lineup consists of kono(Guitar), hiro (Guitar), matsuda (Bass) and tachibana (Drums). te’ is well-known as a representing band that has . . .
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