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People In The Box


A 3-piece band whose original line-up consisted of Hirofumi Hatano(Vo,Gt), Atsushi Nakayama(Ba), Daigo Yamaguchi(Dr). Later the bassist Atsushi left the band and was replaced by Kenta Fukui in July 2008.The lyrics which has the pureness and reality are sung along the melodies which are stylish, intelligent and pop by taking best advantage of a 3-piece band. The vocals are clear and impressive, then reach your ear with the innocent and strange world.

Jun 2006 “Rabbit Hole” 1st mini album
Dec 2007 “Frog Queen” 1st album
Dec 2008 “Bird Hotel” 2nd mini album
Oct 2009 “Ghost Apple” 3rd mini album
Feb 2010 “Sky Mouth” 1st single
Oct 2010 “Family Record” 2nd album
Oct 2011 “Lovely Taboos” 2nd single
Jan 2012 “Citizen Soul” 4th mini album
Aug 2012 “Lost Tapes” 3rd single
Oct 2012 “Cut Two” DVD
Nov 2012 “Ave Materia” 3rd album