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te’ is a 4-piece instrumental band that has been aggressively expanding great performances since its formation in Tokyo in 2004. The lineup consists of kono(Guitar), hiro (Guitar), matsuda (Bass) and tachibana (Drums).

te’ is well-known as a representing band that has been leading and innovating the Japanese post rock and instrumental musical scene since its beginning. The band also has been releasing sensational records one by one, starting from the 1st maxi single released in September 2004.

Since the release of the 1st album on the U.S. label “status quo audio” in March 2006, the band has certainly been garnering a lot of attention from foreign countries, with performing the opening performance during 65daysofstatics’ Japan tour, and the performance at “2007 MegaPort Festival in Taiwan” (A musical festival held in Taiwan).

You would be unaware that the band has no vocalist when you listen to expressive guitar phrases and strong beats composed with the rhythms telling huge dramas fluently. Heavy noises suddenly blow up with the band’s violence just like a explosion, threatening you roughly, though they are very beautiful. In the next moment, you would feel comfortable by the harmonies of clean tones of the guitars. You can never stop paying attention to the thrilling compositions.

In the way of the high expression te’ has been aiming for, lyrics are just small containers which don’t have enough capacities for the band’s emotions.
It’s the power of compositions that supports the dynamics of expressing emotions which are rising right in this moment as they are, not being ordered or put into words, and it’s only the pure expression that can shock our minds so strongly, the expression of the members that give everything to music and remove any needless embellishments. This is one of the greatest arts that can’t exist without the band’s amazing techniques.