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Zankyo Shop in Shibuya

I have just visited one of the most interesting record shops I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot). The Zankyo Record shop opened in May last year and situated in the trendy Jinnan area of Shibuya. The store has an amazing feel to it and has been set up to be very flexible with removable tables so the staff can easily prepare for the many in-store events they do.

Store Manager – Tabata-san

Blind CD


The staff have recently introduced ‘Blind CD’ browsing where they prepare lots of mystery CDs and many listening machines. Customers have no idea who the artist is or even the genre. The staff prepare reviews and customers are encouraged to do the same and there is a great mix of Japanese and International artists. The store manager, Tabata-san told me that sales have quadrupled since they started the trial. I think it’s an amazing idea!

The store also offers vinyl, accessories, art, badges etc, and they often just try out different ideas. I worked in record shops for many years so I have a bit of a thing for them and it’s sad that so many are closing. So the Zankyo store was a real surprise and if ever get the chance to visit Tokyo I strongly recommend you allow a few hours to browse the store!

The store rules explained!



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